Citizens International is a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean.

We believe strongly in the quality of opportunity for immigrant investors offered by Citizenship-by-Investment in the Caribbean, and present specific and sound investment products qualified under the respective programs to our international client networks.

Citizens International wraps international-class services and expertise around the citizenship property investments it believes to be the safest and most rewarding for the client, and our key personnel live where they work.

In addition to being specialists in Caribbean real estate-based citizenship opportunities the principals have extensive experience in the development and sales of luxury property in these locations, creating a knowledge base and advisory service that is second to none.

With multi-national professionals based in Antigua, the company is uniquely equipped to shepherd a client through the process of gaining a second citizenship and to represent its client’s interests directly in the host nation with motivated legal specialists.

There are many citizenship investment programs offered by countries around the world with varying levels of investment and residency, but Citizens International seeks to marry excellent property opportunities with good places for the long-term security of your family and your investment.

A visit to Antigua, Dominica or St. Kitts is all that it takes to appreciate the strength of the Citizens International team, and to experience the value of what is being offered.

Citizenship Investment Applications

The senior executives based in Antigua, oversee the Citizens International platform to assure the client’s service level is met throughout the investment and naturalization process.

Each applicant investor file is vetted carefully and can be accompanied by a third party international accounting report verifying the key information in the client’s citizenship application, particularly source of funds, prior to submission to the government.

Citizens International observes Know Your Client protocols and recognizes the critical importance of top quality investor applicants to both the company’s reputation, and the processing times expected for the applications.

For more information on programs and application processes, costs and timing, please contact us to schedule a private appointment via phone or in person.