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Citizens International wraps international-class services and expertise around the citizenship property investments it believes to be the safest and most rewarding for the client.

One of the most privileged relationships between an individual and a sovereign state is that of citizenship. The acquisition of full citizenship in a country allows an individual to legally acquire the right to a passport.

One of the most critical evaluations prior to applying for citizenship in any jurisdiction is that the citizenship is to be acquired in accordance with the laws of the issuing country i.e. that it is legal.

Non-citizen passports and other passports issued to non-citizens are generally illegal or at best useless. There are some rare exceptions such as diplomatic passports or UN passports which can be issued to non-citizens.

Does your current country of citizenship allow dual/multiple citizenship? Many countries have no such restrictions.

The professionals representing you in your application to any government must be approved by the governing body in that jurisdiction and be fully qualified to do so.

Does the property you are buying have a sustainable development plan? A good way to analyze this is to evaluate whether the property would appeal to an international buyer who is not interested in applying for citizenship. i.e. a one-bedroom condo in a location not appealing to tourists is probably not going to hold value or appeal to a vacationer or lifestyle buyer when you come to rent out the property or sell it in the future.

Citizens International can advise you with complete transparency and discuss these important considerations in detail. For more information or to set up a meeting, please contact us.