The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs offer affluent individuals the opportunity to apply for citizenship through a luxury property or business investment, or government fund donation.

Given the shifting of world wealth over the last decade from the west combined with political upheaval, totalitarian governments, and degrading environmental conditions, the number of successful individuals seeking a better living condition and expedited citizenship through investment in another country is growing.

Coupled with this is the dramatic rise in the last few decades of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) with a worth of over US $30M. The Caribbean has long been the dream vacation destination for westerners, and generations of visitors and investors have made the archipelago of tropical islands a first-world paradise and crossroads of international culture. Citizenship in these island nations offers a number of privileges.

Citizens International presents specific and sound investment products qualified under the respective programs to its international client networks. Two key factors underpin the desirability of a Caribbean citizenship, namely the unprecedented growth of wealth in recent years in great part due to quantitative easing, and the continuing rise of the Caribbean as an idyllic retreat or home base destination.