Citizens International verifies each applicant’s individual situation prior to accepting a mandate and although not mandatory, we recommend that all applicants visit the Caribbean before proceeding with their application.

Once the application process begins, Citizens International prepares each application with great care and efficiency and with the utmost confidentiality. Our team on the ground can host you for a 2 to 3 day familiarization trip if desired.

Upon request and payment of a retainer fee, a complete set of required forms as well as an application guide with detailed explanations regarding all forms and documents will be prepared and sent to you by courier.

The timeline for receiving citizenship is approximately 12 to 22 weeks and can be faster in some cases.

application process example:


Execute Reservation Agreement
A deposit is required depending on the investment route (usually 10%)

Sign Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS)


Execute Forms and Submit Citizenship Application
Government Due Diligence fees payable
Government Application Full Fees or Deposit payable (usually 10%)


CIU (Citizenship Investment Unit) Approval-in-principle received
Investment balance payable
Government Application Fees Balance payable (if applicable)
Investment purchase closes
Property Certificate of Title sent to CIU
Submit Passport Application


Citizenship Certificate
Certificate of Title